2023 Partners


Exhibition Partner:

We develop downstream processing solutions for functional and bioactive proteins.Our unique technology, ChimerAds, is a highly selective and efficient technology to capture proteins from liquid raw materials.

Our technology is based on a unique adsorption format, eliminating the well-known physical and cost limitations of classical packed bed adsorption.

We offer a full range of support and services to our customers – from lab scale analysis and pilot scale to full industrial scale installations.


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Event Partner:

GEA has solutions for many alternative protein processes. At the Good Food Conference, we will focus on our precision fermentation solutions. We help start-ups, ingredient suppliers and food processors to develop, scale-up and produce the nutritious new foods. Our extensive knowledge from the food, beverage, brewery and biopharma industries makes us the leader in hygienic processing and precision fermentation. GEA test centers let you test processes, machines, ingredients and recipes with support from our expert engineers, food scientists and technicians.



Exhibition Partner:

Itochu Chemicals America's Separation and Purification Section is the sales and marketing partner for ion exchange resins, synthetic adsorbents, and reverse phase polymeric beads from Mitsubishi Chemical (Diaion, Sepabeads, MCI GEL, and Relite) and chromatography and enzyme immobilization resins from Resindion (Relizyme and Relisorb).

Itochu offers purification solutions for precision fermentation products, small molecule pharmaceuticals, large molecule biopharmaceuticals, peptides, oligonucleotides, insulin analogs, and various food applications including vegetable proteins, whey proteins, sweeteners, flavors, and juices.